Henry P. Gravelle

Author - Screenwriter - Playwright

The Robb Company - literary/talent agency, Los Angeles, (Hollywood) CA.

Dramatist Guild of America

Western Writers of America

The Over Easy Courthouse Cafe

Comedy Web Series 

Creator - Screenwriter 

The Over Easy Courthouse Cafe

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Aab International Film Festival

Miami Independent Film Festival 

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Robyn Almodovar 

Season Two/Episode Three 

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My stories, whether novel, novella, short story, poem or flash fiction, allow readers to open their imaginations and enter a world teeming with history, danger, thrills, horror, paranormal and humor. You'll join or run beside, chase or fight characters you believe in, can love or hate, cringe at, shiver with or root for as they take you on colorful adventures.

Cries in the Night - Stage Play

Loving Jesse - Stage Play

Blue Angel - Short film/Stage Play

Words - Short film/Stage Play

The Job - Stage Play

Claire Avenue - Stage Play

The Smell of Dirt - Stage Play

Becoming the Drop - Stage Play

The Killers - Stage Play

The Disposal Guy - Stage Play

Choices - Feature film

Can't Go Home - Feature film

Worthy of the Lamb - Feature film

The Igloo Boys - Feature film

Gunner's Rift - Feature film

Der Vordere Platz - Short film/Stage Play (Foreign language-German)

El Paso - Short film/Stage Play 

Bogieville - Feature film 

Hobo - Feature  film

Baby Land - Feature  film

Double Walker - Short film/Stage Play

Sonny - Short film/Stage Play

K.O. - Short film/Stage Play

Last of the Meagans - Short film/Stage Play

Boysenberry Park - Short film/Stage Play

Chum - Stage Play

Wink - Short film/Stage Play 

Johnny Waters - Short film/Stage Play

Xandes Garden - Short film/Stage Play

Hope - Short film/Stage Play

The Twice of Abraham - Short film/Stage Play

Cream, Two Sugars - Short film 

Jacob - Short film/Stage Play

The Acquisition - Short film/Stage Play

Hiders of Big Blue - Short film

For Queen & Country - Short film/Stage Play

Girls of the Cookie Farm - Short film/Stage Play

Paradise - Stage Play

Holed Up - Short film/Beautiful Bird Productions

Your Deal - Short Play

The Deposit - Short Play

Investment - Short film/Stage Play

Partners - Short film/Stage Play

Room With a View - Short Play

The iD  (The Nap) - Short film 

The iD  (Words) - Short Film


(Available on Amazon and other booksellers)


The Buddy Sands Cases - Paranormal Detective series

Ten Wide

The Sketcher

The Closet of Lucy Pang

The Doc Jacobi Western series (Rogue Phoenix Press)

Black Knife

Garrison Creek

The Noel Man


PUG  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

The Bamboo Heart  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

The Fort Providence Watch  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

The Banshee  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

Apple Hill  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

The Igloo Boys  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

Gunner's Rift  



Hobo  (Rogue Phoenix Press)

Girls of the Cookie Farm 

Dark Light at Sunrise  

Baby Land  

Dame de la Mine 

First Place  

American Filmatic Arts Festival, Brooklyn, New York, 2018. 

Best Horror feature film screenplay.

The Igloo Boys  selected screenplay competition


Best One-Actor monologue.

Avalonia Film Festival 2018

The Captains monologue from Der Vordere Platz (The Forward Place) performed by Jack Shea

Avalonia Film Festival, Providence, RI


Second Place 

short film screenplay competition


screenplay finalist at Twin Falls, Idaho film festival.


FIVE screenplays selected for the Fright Night Film Festival, Louisville, KY, 2016

Baby Land



                                                            The Twice of Abraham

                                                            Grenouille Pond

Double Walker


Gunner's Rift